Why size discrimination matters and what you can do about it

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We're not ok with segregation

Segregation: the hallmark of discrimination. “You have to live over there…we get to live over here.” “You have to work there…we get to work over here.” “You have to wear this, we get to wear this”. “You have to shop there… we get to shop here”.

You could fit any of these scenarios into the context of humanities history of discrimination. To be specific, a people group who wants their status, their description, their group or their beliefs to appear “elite” i.e., superior in terms of abilities, qualities or value and therefore, privileged.  

It’s extremely interesting to me that throughout history, even until now that somehow the condition of humanity ropes groups of people into the pursuit of elitism via enslaving, persecuting, robbing, damning and many times killing other human beings. We no sooner catch on and “oh… we should probably not be trapping and enslaving these people” then we slip right into another “hey… great idea; let’s define these millions of people as sub-human and exterminate them”.

Let’s just be crazy honest- the dark part of human nature is easily tempted by the belief of “better than”… “More deserving than”… “More valuable than”, them.  It makes us feel artificially special and important. It sucks, but knowing is half the battle. The other half is refusing to believe the B.S. and pro-actively stomping out thoughts and actions that promote the devaluating of another.

Sizeism is stupid and more importantly, wrong

Oh yes, we’re talking about fashion. Why does a beautiful woman I know have to drive two hours away to find a store with a reasonable selection of semi quality clothing in her very normal size- which happens to be 18? Does anyone else think it’s more than unfair, it’s unjust and wrong that if you’re size 0-12, you get to shop over here,  but if not, you have to shop over there. Sound heinously familiar? Welcome to the last 100 years of fashion segregation.  The smaller you are, the more choices you get. The smaller you are, the more places you can shop. The smaller you are, the more brands will allow you to be clothed in their designs. Privileged vs. discriminated against. It’s time to call it what it is and it. Is. Wrong.

Segregation didn't belong in the 60's, it doesn't belong now

And now, the point. The point is that much like slavery, Hitler’s Germany and 20th century racial segregation, as long as the people who can do something or can be a voice, sit idly by- complacently accepting that this is just “the way it is”, NOTHING will change.  Even more importantly, if the people negatively affected by it stay quiet, then what has always been, will always be.

Why have we allowed an industry to shame us or our sisters about size? I am all about being healthy, but who died and made the fashion industry God? Meaning, why should an industry whose ONLY JOB is to create and sell clothing, able to through discriminatory manufacturing, marketing and placement, shame a MAJORITY demographic of women into going into “special stores” to buy clothes? The last time I checked, department stores weren’t employing fitness experts, so I’m confused about why they get to label whose size is right or wrong.  

Grab your virtual pickets and say something

When we go to a department store, or a boutique and we see a design we love and are told “oh they only make that through a size 12” or “sorry, we only carry clothes through size 14”- Why haven’t we en mass written letters, posted on social media or made phone calls to decision makers to express our outrage? Why instead of storming out, do we wander over to the purses and just buy those—thereby rewarding the discriminatory practices?

As an insider I’m going to tell you a secret: It’s not that hard to make your size. That’s right. I’m developing a line of clothing that will run through size 28 minimum. And guess what? It only required a couple extra steps in the design process that anyone who is proficient at pattern making or grading clothing can accomplish. In short—it just took the will to do it, which comes from the belief that all women in every shape and size deserve to be clothed beautifully.  

The next time you visit a store and they essentially tell you that you’re “too big” to shop there, why not tell them that you’ll be posting your thoughts about their poor selection and discrimination to all your social media accounts… then do it and don’t be ashamed about it, or they win. If you find a store that’s doing the right thing, REWARD them! Tell the world who they are and give them your business again and again.

P.S. You are beautiful and brave…lovely in every way.

P.P.S. My line of Madame & Fox dresses will be available in your size for pre-order starting in late July and sneak previews will happen as early as next month. Make sure to sign up to receive emails to get the scoop first.

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