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Based in Austin, Tx, The Moxie Fox has been born out of what I, Christiana White, believe was necessity. Having owned and managed weight loss clinics and ultimately working in the image industry for 7 years, I was impacted by the constant struggle of beautiful women over size 16 to find attractive, quality clothing. When 50% of women are classified as "plus size" and only 15% of fashion made for them, it sends the wrong message and I want that message to change".  Every woman should be able to walk into a store and find something that makes her feel beautiful. Shopping should be a confidence building experience- isn't that why we buy new clothes? My goal is to help women with curves, get what they deserve (note my hashtag) #curvesdeservemore 

The name, "The Moxie Fox", is a tribute to all brave and beautiful women and I am determined to bring women who have been under served in the fashion world, beautiful options they can wear for years.   I look to classic design elements as the foundation for the clothing lines I choose. For the woman that shops The Moxie Fox, this means she can expect clothing with detail in design, classic feminine lines, and timeless patterns.  I carefully select perfect pieces from both trusted designers and up and comers I know you'll love. Every woman needs lovely cornerstones for her wardrobe, so that she can easily dress for any occasion with confidence and class. A great wardrobe is filled with quality, not quantity, so I work hard to find the pieces I know you can wear year after year. 

Christiana White with Spruce Dickersen

Here I am with the lovely Spruce Dickersen, my model and 2011 "Miss Plus Size America Elite"





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