Sizing Guide

Each of our styles will be labeled either "Junior Plus sizes L-XXXL", "Missy or Misses Plus sizes 16-24", "Women's Plus 16W-22W". We will always note unique considerations in fit, such as "runs a size small" etc. Please review the general size charts below as well as the "how to" picture to learn how to take your best measurements. Our goal is the right fit the first time! If you have any questions regarding fit and want guidance, please email our team at and we will consult with you and make our best recommendation. 

Important Sizing Notes

"Misses" sizing in most stores runs S-XL and XL (the largest Misses size) is typically close to a Women's (or Plus) size 1XL. Misses number sizes will usually be a stand alone number, ex: 14,16,18 and not followed by a W, +, or the word Plus.

Women's or "Plus" sizes start at 16W, can be labeled with a W or a + sign after the number and are typically the equivalent to the next number size up in "Misses" sizing. Example- 16W is about the same as 18 Misses. The difference in Misses and Women's cut is the Women's cuts are wider all over, especially in the breast/ chest area.  

The X sizes (XL, 1XL etc.) are usually used for garments that don't require a precise fit, such as knits, ponte fabrics and stretch pants and dresses with relaxed cuts. However, the Women's sizes (Letter sizes 1X-4X) are generally cut wider through the bust and have a bit more generous fit.

Junior Plus sizing is truly "junior" sizing. See bottom chart and note that the equivalent Misses sizes are 10-16.  We will always specifically note, Junior plus size if the item is specifically cut in Junior size, instead of Misses or Womens. 

plus size measuring chart, plus size chart



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