She Will Rise; 22 Ideas for Every Woman to Believe Now

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In Honor of Women Everywhere... In Honor of Freedom... In honor of You!


I wanted to share my victory decree, a personal declaration of power, spirit and value. Women world wide for ages long have been attacked for wanting to be free, wanting to be educated, wanting to realize their potential and wanting to be a voice.  I encourage you to let every line sink deep into your heart, rest in your mind and settle in the permanent foundation of your identity. You were born for greatness, for freedom, for a legacy and for love. This is your reminder. 


I am not a Victim of anything, except the immeasurable grace and love of my Father God.

My thoughts, my body, my heart and my will, belong to Him and surrender to His excellent plan for my life.

I was pre-determined for greatness, blessing and wholeness in my life, in every area. 

I meet every circumstance in my life with the belief that my God arrived there before I did and fully intends to use it to show the world how truly good He is. 

Any mistakes I’ve made will not stunt me, haunt me or cause me to be ashamed.

I define my self image by what God has intended for me, not by what anyone has done to mistreat me, disrespect me or devalue me. 

When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman, worthy of passionate, loyal, enduring love. 

I love how God made me- funny, pretty, brilliant, full of love, passion for people and courage to fight the right battles.

I am by Gods definition a Conqueror. Everywhere I walk, I crush the enemy’s plans to limit me. I choose what my limits are and I won’t be limited by anything. 

I am not walking wounded; I am running free… to the finish line of a world changing destiny. It is my birth right and nothing will keep it from me. 

I will outrun, outlast, overcome and overrun anything that tries. I will not be ruined by bitterness. I will be healed by the sweetness of God’s comfort.

I will not be weakened by the battle that I am in. I will be strengthened by a hand much stronger than mine. I will be empowered and refreshed by the Victorious One, who sits on the thrown, to empower me, every second of every day.

Every dream that I have, I will see fulfilled. Every goal that I envision is a future success for me.

For every tear that I’ve cried, a song of joy will spring up in its place. Sorrow and disappointment will not linger in my heart. Laughter and inspiration will.  

A day of victory, blessing, healing and uninterrupted joy- is not far off. It is today. It is now.

I speak the truth, I believe the truth, live the truth and I love the truth. 

I am set free.I will dream big, I will think big and God will build a big life for me, better than anything I planned before.

I will love others. I will encourage others. I will inspire others. I will help heal others.

I will extend my hands to every effort God puts in my heart and what I touch, will prosper.

My life will tell a story. There was a plan for me. There were challenges for me. There was a helper for me. There was great love for me. There was victory for me.

My story will end with a smile on my face and a win for my race.

Victory is mine. 

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