Marled Knit Trend Review

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It's been rich on runways, seen in celebrity street style, in store windows and hundreds of pinterest and polyvore outfit sets! Grey and black Marled, or melanged fabric has been translated into every fashion niche this season, for both men and women and we LOVE it! Melanged means two or more colors of thread or yarn are woven together to create a stripy, marled looking pattern. 

Celebs like Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Lawrence are rocking their favorite interpretation of this timeless, minimalist trend. 

 I'm a sucker for a classic trend that gets a modern makeover, proving it has staying power and deserves a place in every woman's wardrobe.  Some might associate the marled knit with a grey sweatshirt type vibe, but it's much classier than that. The Marled pattern has been a favorite of designers for the last 60 years or so, because of it's extremely versatile look, endless layering potential and effortlessly chic appeal. 

The same piece can be styled six ways to Sunday, with almost no creative effort. Any of your existing white, grey or black solid colors can be layered with it and virtually any other solid color will be complimented by it. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories you pair with it: brightly colored scarves, a peek a boo pop of color T-shirt, or a flowing jumper or dress, cinched off with a solid color belt. 

 You will see Marled knit patterns used in designs ranging from mini skirts to cable knit sweaters this season. It's the foundation fabric for jogger pant looks, maxi dresses, scarves and knit hats alike. This pattern can do no wrong. Our absolute favorite version of this seasons hottest most versatile look is a lightweight jersey knit, slouchy cardigan with just a tad of structure in the leather trim. Our long flowing "Threadz Australia Cardi" will be your favorite grab and go topper, however you choose to style it. We recommend some stretch skinnies, or your favorite distressed jeans with a sleek under layer in a solid color as a go anywhere and look rock-star without trying, kind of edge. 




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