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Some people like rules. We get it. It prevents fistfights to know how to wait your turn and reduces the risk of getting canned to be at work on time. Our Moxie Fox crew understands the basic wardrobe rules... the to-do's of creating a classic closet and we embrace them. That being said if we've heard one rule for dressing curvy frames, we've heard a (gag) million.  We're in a to-don't kind of mood. Won't you join us?

"Focus on your best feature", they say. What if we want to focus on this awesome rule breaking (oh god no) boxy red leather jacket that hits right at the (NOOOO don't do it) hips instead? Don't mind if we do. Here's the thing... we feel like a siren, so why shouldn't we announce that?

"Don’t wear clingly fabrics." Um, what? “They” obviously don’t know how comfortable we are with our bangin curves. So we’ll take an order of curve hugging retro vibe fabric with a side of pencil skirt fabulous, please.

"White is off limits for curves… it just makes you look bigger." Or better. We’ll take better. In fact we're so confident, we love a bright white, “I’m a boss”, blazer that reminds people we run things and love to be looked at. 

This is really just the short list of rules we're happy to break. The one we want to make sure get's broken, is any notion that curves should be shamed, hidden or ignored by designers. In honor of to-don't day, we want to encourage you to take a second look at that busy floral print dress, give some thought to that loud thin fabric blouse and consider with care, those short shorts that "they" said you had no business wearing. From One Moxie Fox to another- You are beautiful and brave... lovely in every way.

Wear what you love with dignity and grace. That's stylish. 

Here are few other "they's" PS fashion bloggers helping crush the misconceptions about what "they" can't wear!  #WeAreTheThey



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