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I spent embarrassing amounts of time wading through huge stores until my feet cramped in my ever unpractical shoes and my mind went numb from thumbing through just... one...more...rack, for that "must have" addition to my already cluttered wardrobe. Since I wanted "more options" in my closet, but didn't have a limitless budget, I would buy more, for less and yet still feel like I had nothing to wear. Besides that, even my "favorites" fell apart after a few washings and I'd be back to the grind, willing to endure carpal tunnel if it meant fashion victory. Luckily, once I became a professional woman, working in the image industry, I honed my fashion sense and found my clothing identity. I always gravitated toward solid colors or classic patterns, in neutral colors and cuts that flattered my frame and made me feel beautiful in an un-fussy way. Once I honed in on my basics, I realized my closet was always "on trend". Here are a few tips from my closet to yours, to shop for fashion that will stay "on trend" forever. 

1. Shop for pieces that are uncompromisingly flattering. Shop for your shape. Don't talk yourself into something that pinches here and squeezes there or rides up etc. The most beautiful thing is to put on clothes you can forget about, because you feel confident in every way. 

2. Ask yourself, "does this piece have history"? Has the cut, pattern, or style cycled back through the decades, proving it to be dependably chic? That high low, aztec patterned skirt says no. That tapered, twill pencil skirt that has been making women feel sexy for 50 years, says yes yes yes. If you aren't sure what's timeless and what's temporary, check out our handy "forever fashion" look book page for pointers. 

3. Determine if the piece will serve your lifestyle. How much wear will you truly get from it? If you can imagine yourself paring that blazer with countless jeans, slacks and skirts which you already own, then that fashion workhorse belongs in your barn, cowgirl. If you have to start collecting other purple hued items, just to make it work, then put the periwinkle, asymmetric sweater down and walk away. 



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